Fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards

High acoustic isolation, impact resistance, water resistance and fire resistance – all in a single FERMACELL gypsum fibreboard. Thanks to its high-quality properties, this material can be used in a single layer whenever two layers of fibreboard are required, which is a more economical solution.
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FERMACELL is a natural material that consists of water, gypsum and recycled paper.

FERMACELL are high-quality gypsum fibreboards manufactured from gypsum and recycled cellulose fibres. These two natural raw materials are mixed with water and pressed, without any other binders being added: as a result of high pressure impact a stable, durable composite material is created.
Thanks to its unique composition, FERMACELL is a perfect all-in-one construction material – fire, sound and moisture resistant.


When a single layer of gypsum fibreboard is not sufficient, FERMACELL boards are a more economical solution.

The properties of FERMACELL boards specified above enable a range of applications. When a good acoustic isolation, moisture resistance or fire resistance are required, a single layer of conventional gypsum fibreboards will not be sufficient: you will have to use two layers of gypsum fibreboards, or use additional materials or finish work to achieve the desired outcome. In such cases a single layer of FERMACELL boards ensures compliance with all the requirements specified above.

Composition of FERMACELL

Gypsum reacts with water, which penetrates and envelopes the fibres. It makes the material homogeneous, smooth and durable and ensures a high stability and non-combustibility of FERMACELL gypsum fibreboards.

Composition of gypsum fibreboard

Gypsum fibreboard is composed of gypsum in a cardboard shell. Essentially, it is cardboard, which ensures stability of the structure.

  • Inner walls
  • Partition walls
  • Facades
  • Floors
  • Ceilings
  • Humid premises